Hi there!

I was a vegetarian for two years by choice, but ended up going off of it and a few months ago I just came back to it by nature. I literally just began to reject meat products altogether. My soul was speaking louder than my mind, and I am grateful for that because it reminded me the reasons I have made a choice of being a vegetarian once.

Many people still think vegetarians and vegans don’t eat meat out of pity for the animals. That is definitely a good compassionate reason to begin with but my and most people’s reasons were never really about the animals’ death. Death is indeed part of the balance of this world and cycle of life. It is nature homeostasis. We kill all the time everyday. Yes, we do. Our own body does for its own sake. Wether you eat meat or not, you kill microorganisms all the time, so let just not go that way. Of course, I do think the food industry is sick, but what I see is that most people are informed about that right now. Thus, let’s talk about environmental sustainability and how our life style choices plays a role on it.


From what I hear around me that’s the unknown information for most of people who love to argument against vegans and vegetarians for no reason. I literally hold back this information about myself just to avoid that dirty look or long non-sense discussions. Anyways, I chose this lifestyle mostly because I was informed, so I believe it is my duty to share it so other people has the same freedom of choice. Just by reading the little information on this picture might be enough for you to at least begin to understand this lifestyle that many people are choosing more and more each day. So instead of giving you a list of reasons here I would just recommend or just beg you to watch the beautiful courageous documentary called ‘Cowspiracy: the suistanability secret.’

Wether you care about animals, environment, health or not, we need to swallow reality and share this information. By spreading knowledge we are offering the freedom of choice. No matter what is your choice at the end, everybody deserves the truth.

“The truth will set you free.”

And no, vegetarians and vegans don’t think they are superior and they don’t want you to feel bad, so please stop judging and condemning them for your own discomfort. And no, they don’t need supplements to live a healthy life either. And yes, protein is the least concern of all. Please, inform yourself. I am not asking for you to change your eating habits, I just want you to be free. And you can only be free if you are offered information. So here it is a 90 minute amazing documentary, that used to be only available on their website and it is now on Netflix 🙌🏾 go watch it and spread this information, even if you are still eating meat. It doesnt matter, this information goes way beyond your personal world. I dont recycle at home for example, unfortunately, but I don’t go around judging and arguing against who does it so I can feel a bit better about my poor own personal choices. So please be open to this information and share it. It is important. In their website (cowspiracy.com), they also offer a 30 day vegan challenge for those who want to try but don’t know how. I am giving it a try! 🙏🏼 and if you get hungry for more there are loads of literature and movies about the subject. This is just one of my favorites.

Go do your research and spread some magic!