Holistic Wellness: The Being Hygiene

“The best way to get rid of the pain is to feel the pain. And when you feel the pain and go beyond it, you will see there’s a very intense love that is wanting to awaken itself.”Deepak Chopra

We all know that pain is a symptom of something bigger. Pain is the body’s way of communicating there is something wrong. This understanding, not often realized by the majority, also serve to understand emotional pain, that is a way of our soul to communicate there is something wrong with our lifestyle or way of leading a certain situation. Either types of pain, if you do not listen to it, it will keep coming back over and over. Nowadays, we have many different ways of getting rid of this painful symptoms, both in the physical and emotional body. Mainly through legal and illegal drugs. Using them in the right amount of quantity and time can be very beneficent to a reasonably aware person. However, if the necessary message does not go through to the receiver the energy of that symptom will show up somewhere else. By listening to the message behind the pain, we allow the energy to be released or transformed in something good. The real healing.

We all have a tendency of allowing the mind be the only ruler of our lives, ignoring the intelligence of our body and soul. The body and the soul have amazing ways of healing without having to bring anything to our mind’s attention. Have you ever thought how your body amazingly fights disease and impairment every single moment of your life? Have you ever thought how your unconscious intelligence and wisdom always leads you to the experiences you need for growth? These happens naturally, without any effort or need of control. Thus, the more you surrender to them, the more your life flows towards awareness, connection, contentment, and even logic. Most of our desires come from our minds, but what we want is not always necessarily what we need in that moment. I believe most people, with even the minimum of self-inquiry possible, come to realize this as they go through life, at some point. Most of us have at least one experience that we can recall, in which we felt it was frustrating, unfair, painful, in other words perceived negatively. Then, after a while we look back and realize the gift on that situation that by the time it happened, we could only see negativeness. We had either learned something from it that we wouldn’t have learned otherwise, or just take way longer to. Sometimes, these experiences lead you to something much better and more fulfilling to your life than you could ever possibly imagined consciously. Anyways, these are all driven by the intelligence that tries to communicate through pain, in which I have been calling here body and soul.

The book ‘Quantum Healing’ written by Deepak Chopra, talks about the importance of physical pain and our role on it. On the other hand, the book ‘Icaro Redimido’ written by Gilson Freire, discuss about the soul needs and the intelligence of it finding ways to lead our lives for the best in the bigger picture (beyond our limited perception in the 3 dimensional physical reality).

Deepak Chopra is an experienced and acclaimed Indian American physician who blends the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, and western medicine, together for treatment. He has been spreading his experiences and knowledge through public speaking and books throughout the world. ‘Quantum Healing’ is an incredible book written by him, about real life experiences he witnessed, treating people with deadly diseases who couldn’t progress using modern medicine alone.

“We need nature to free up our nature. We are surrounded by the best of all healing influences-fresh air, sunlight, and beauty….because the Earth really is our mother, and the green meadow is her lap. Nature is man’s healer, because nature is man.” ⭐️

(Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra)


According to Chopra (1989) the inner intelligence (know-how) of the physical body is very powerful and is constantly healing, and allowing us to be safe and in ease. The body produces the best antibiotics, tranquilizers, pain killers, and so on. Its intelligence is complex to the point that physicians, researchers, and pharmaceutics can only understand the larger, more general part of it. A good example of that is when we break a bone, if it is safe to wait for the body heal itself, the doctor will only interfere to make the process faster and easier. In process like this, we usually only need the body, however in more serious diseases such as cancer or AIDS, these “miraculous” intelligent cures also needs the mind component into it. What the person usually comes to understand in this “miracles,” is that the disease is part of the healing rather than the problem. Chopra, in his book, describes two ways of applying the mind to the cure: through the willpower of getting better, and non-identification with the disease, or some patients go beyond that to consciousness, into understanding their connection with the universe and the higher power of healing themselves. Chopra also realized that a change in lifestyle holistically (all aspects of life) got these people closer to achieve this state of mind. Most of the patients he witnessed going through this process had this incredible feeling of knowing they would get cured right before the healing was done. They describe feeling themselves much bigger than their disease, than their physical body, and that is when the space/allowance needed for healing comes into place. Most of us have heard of these miraculous cures a few times, and we mostly consider these people just very lucky, or the cure itself very unexplainable. Chopra new if this was possible for one, it would be possible for all. So he came to the quantum world to understand the details of this process. The possibility of this life understanding, of realizing being and connection, the disease as the healing process, the own person as bigger than whatever is going on in the physical life, enlightenment, consciousness, bliss; once the patients could get in touch with their (universal) higher energy, healing then could enter each cell, each atom of the body. Spiritual, energetic, mental, then physical. From subtler to denser, the full healing would happen. Therefore, Chopra designed a treatment he called “Quantum Healing,” in this treatment the patient is invited to change their diet, their state of mind/consciousness though practices such as meditation, and their daily life through balance. He would teach them the Ayurvedic ways of treating disease and also allow them to keep going through the modern medicine mainstream treatment. They would start taking care of the denser body, such as nutrition, to be able to gradually reach subtler and more powerful aspects of their being into the sense of oneness, divinity.
“In the deeper reality beyond space and time, we may be all members from the same body. (Sir James Jeans)”
Thus here we are talking of the healing through the intelligence of the body, mind, and soul. Apart from the way through healing he also explains the way we go through disease and our own responsibility on it. The disease is a communication from the mind, and soul, that something needs to be changed, usually in our lifestyle and/or personality, the so-called psychosomatic diseases. Moral suffering turned into physical pain. Moral/behavior imbalance turned into physical imbalance. In the book ‘Quantum Healing,’ Chopra does not touch much in the intelligence of the soul beyond space and time and the universe/ God/ life force itself plays on physical diseases. For this reason, I would like to introduce another book called ‘Icaro Redimido’ in Portuguese.
‘Icaro Redimido’ is a Brazilian book, written by Gilson Freire and touches on the soul aspect of life, disease, and healing. This book is in the process of being translated into english, and will be released here in the U.S. by the middle of 2016, and as soon as I get the English name I will post as a comment in this post. The history narrated is about Alberto Santos Dumont, who invented the airplanes on Earth, well at least from most Brazilians’ perspective. And from the wisdom of the narrator of the book, a disembodied soul, both Dumont and the Wright brothers invented the airplane as well as none of them. (between asterisks *…* will follow a better explanation on this topic that has not much to do with Holistic Healing itself, reading it or skipping it won’t change the understanding of the post).


*Through this book, our wise spiritual friend and narrator, reveals to us that all inventions manifested in this planet is planned to come from higher spiritual dimensions and it is given for some incarnated person as a mission. So, whomever is encharged is intuitively drawn to the subject and gradually is presented with more and more information in how to accomplish it, either from intuition, or when they are in their sleep state and their souls go to the spiritual dimension. That is why many inventions are created almost at the same time in different places, by different people all through humanity history, and with the airplane, it was no different. Surely, the souls who are chosen for the accomplishment is not much about merit but rather about their own souls’ needs and abilities, such as interest in mechanics in the case of Dumont and the Wrights. This kind of thought is not knew for many of us who are interested in spirituality, or psychology, or even physics.


“Thoughts are universally and not individually rooted; a truth cannot be created, but only perceived. (Yogananda)”
Jung also talks about the universal unconscious where all the information of the world is stored in every being. Quantum physics says we all come from the same life force or energy, we are energy, thoughts are energy. Energy is always going around space-time dimension and is manifested as soon as there is an observer, as soon as you choose to catch it, to attach to it, to identify to it. We all share the same wisdom, the same fears, the same desires, we are all connected until we perceive separation, and from that we choose who we are. Thus, from that point we all have different things to share, to contribute, and the importance of humble sharing lies on the fact that nothing belong to us, or all belong to us, but us all.*
Well but coming back to the holistic wellbeing that correlates with Deepak Chopra’s book, ‘Icaro Redimido’ show us that not all diseases, fears, and personality traits come from this lifetime. Sometimes, our own soul chooses a disease, a fear, a deformation, in order to evolve spiritually. For example, a person who comes with too much pride and come in a very “unprivileged” life, in which is actually a privilege for this soul but it is not seen as so, when one is in the limited perspective of the physical body. Or a person who abusively used sexuality in a life, and comes with deformed genitals in the next, so there is an opportunity for growth and balance in that aspect. A person who needs to learn how to slow down and surrender, chooses to come with a disease that almost obligates them to deal with life in a different way. And so on. Everybody needs to go through light and dark in order to realize the divine balance from within. From this perspective, it is clear that even though we are responsible for our choices in this life, of taking care of ourselves holistically, there is still a limited degree of freedom once we are in the physical dimension and as long as we accepted we can only benefit from it in the bigger picture. That is possibly why many people, who change their lifestyles with the guidance of Chopra’s holistic treatment, still are not able to cure themselves, and that is also why many do after they learn what was necessary for their soul. This book give us the gift of understanding that everything in this world is happening the way it needs to be for our own good. There are no victims, and no privileged. There are just different ways of getting to the same place of oneness, of peace, of joy. Just as there are different religions, and spiritual paths there are different lives, and ways. We are all together on this journey of discovery. More and more we get in touch with higher dimensions that were actually always connected and guiding the planet Earth. We are evolving towards that. The more this connection gets closer and clearer, the more we open our eyes to it, the bigger the leap we can take towards wisdom and love. To consciousness, bliss. The more we go towards this way, the more we have the power of choice for our own evolvement, in which is also the world evolvement. Therefore, taking care of yourself is the most selfless important action you can do to change the world.

Freire’s book also explains how disease is actually a state of mind manifested either psychologically, or physically, or both. And our state of mind is carried with us to other dimensions, so when we “die,” or our energetic/astral body transit to subtler dimensions we still carry whatever energy imbalances we have manifested in the 3D physical plane, such as mental disorders, pain, physical diseases, and so on. Therefore, death is not a way out of anything, right here and right now is the time and place for change to occur, for openness. Life is a gift full of experiences that lead us to true healing. Whatever healing we needs, life throws right at us. Being grateful for that alone might be a huge step to begin with.

Thus, in the same way we do our daily physical hygiene, we also do need to become aware of subtler ways of cleansing, psychologically, energetically, and spiritually. There are many ways to Holistic Wellness: balanced diet, surrounding yourself with pleasant people and experiences, balanced physical exercises, breathing techniques, reiki, opening and harmonizing chakras, meditation, prayer, and the list goes on. Find what works for you, make space and time for what is so important for living joyfully, and send this state of being out back to the world around you. True health comes from inside out, not the other way around. Be aware that sometimes pain is our way through, sit in the pain, feel it so intensively that it might lead you to full consciousness, into realizing there is no need for pain, and the pain will be replaced by joy, health. A great example of this, is a lovely Gestalt Therapy technique called “exaggeration exercise” that asks the patient to exaggerate the behavior they want to change by acting even more on it, until they realize how useless that behavior is for them, then the change naturally follows. Remember, this changes must only be a true change if it comes from deep within, from genuineness, from mindfulness. There is no pretending. Work within and manifest it out.
I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and that you also keep sharing.
The same light, beauty, and wisdom that lives within me bows and honers to the same light, beauty and wisdom that lives within each one of you.




Holistic Lifestyle: Vegan/Vegetarian diet

Hi there!

I was a vegetarian for two years by choice, but ended up going off of it and a few months ago I just came back to it by nature. I literally just began to reject meat products altogether. My soul was speaking louder than my mind, and I am grateful for that because it reminded me the reasons I have made a choice of being a vegetarian once.

Many people still think vegetarians and vegans don’t eat meat out of pity for the animals. That is definitely a good compassionate reason to begin with but my and most people’s reasons were never really about the animals’ death. Death is indeed part of the balance of this world and cycle of life. It is nature homeostasis. We kill all the time everyday. Yes, we do. Our own body does for its own sake. Wether you eat meat or not, you kill microorganisms all the time, so let just not go that way. Of course, I do think the food industry is sick, but what I see is that most people are informed about that right now. Thus, let’s talk about environmental sustainability and how our life style choices plays a role on it.


From what I hear around me that’s the unknown information for most of people who love to argument against vegans and vegetarians for no reason. I literally hold back this information about myself just to avoid that dirty look or long non-sense discussions. Anyways, I chose this lifestyle mostly because I was informed, so I believe it is my duty to share it so other people has the same freedom of choice. Just by reading the little information on this picture might be enough for you to at least begin to understand this lifestyle that many people are choosing more and more each day. So instead of giving you a list of reasons here I would just recommend or just beg you to watch the beautiful courageous documentary called ‘Cowspiracy: the suistanability secret.’

Wether you care about animals, environment, health or not, we need to swallow reality and share this information. By spreading knowledge we are offering the freedom of choice. No matter what is your choice at the end, everybody deserves the truth.

“The truth will set you free.”

And no, vegetarians and vegans don’t think they are superior and they don’t want you to feel bad, so please stop judging and condemning them for your own discomfort. And no, they don’t need supplements to live a healthy life either. And yes, protein is the least concern of all. Please, inform yourself. I am not asking for you to change your eating habits, I just want you to be free. And you can only be free if you are offered information. So here it is a 90 minute amazing documentary, that used to be only available on their website and it is now on Netflix 🙌🏾 go watch it and spread this information, even if you are still eating meat. It doesnt matter, this information goes way beyond your personal world. I dont recycle at home for example, unfortunately, but I don’t go around judging and arguing against who does it so I can feel a bit better about my poor own personal choices. So please be open to this information and share it. It is important. In their website (, they also offer a 30 day vegan challenge for those who want to try but don’t know how. I am giving it a try! 🙏🏼 and if you get hungry for more there are loads of literature and movies about the subject. This is just one of my favorites.

Go do your research and spread some magic!

Holistic Science: How Much of Reality Are You Perceiving?

“As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

“For any speculation which does not at first glance look crazy, there is no hope.”

Freeman Dyson


“Reality…has a sliding door. (Ralph Waldo Emerson),” is the quote that prepares the reader to enter the incredible journey of perception expansion that is the book by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman, ‘Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality: The Grid. (2013).’ The Grid is about trying to explain and guide transcendence of perceived reality. We, limited in the physical human body and three dimensional state, usually are trapped in experiencing the world only through our five senses. Plus, society teach us from an early age to reject everything we don’t understand (actually meaning what we can’t see, touch, smell, taste, or hear). On the other hand, throughout the whole human existence many people, if not all, have had experienced something that goes beyond our senses, which is what we call ‘paranormal experiences.’ These experiences are just like gravity, we do not see it or touch it but we experience it all the time. Despite the fact that many people still like to reject the occurrences of these experiences and call it esoteric, there are facts, researches, and philosophies supporting the reasons behind it. It is definitely just a matter of choosing between to be in the comfort zone of blindness or to be skeptic and curios to look further before having an “opinion” about (I came to realize that many people who like to call themselves skeptics are usually just close minded people with opinions, this mindset does not serve anyone). defines as paranormal what is “beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.” In order to try to explain these experiences the authors of The Grid used this analogy to explain our reality beyond the ordinary, where everything is connected such as a grid. The Grid represents the different dimensions that there is and the many possibilities inside them. It allow us to go beyond time and space to understand phenomenon such as psychic abilities, intuition, past-life memories, UFO, dreams, energy, among others. The Grid contains universal information: all there was, is and will be. It is supported by the connection of science and spirituality. It expands our perception by understanding the limitation of human physical/intellectual abilities and our three dimensional world. And inspire us to explore the Grid/reality by exploring ourselves.

I believe that everybody who has the interest in exploring existentialism in general have come across the insight that all philosophies, spiritual and scientific, about this content talks about the same things in different ways. If you go through religious testaments, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, Jewish, Muslim, among others, you will see different terminology and experiences describing the same idea of the origin and infrastructure of the world/life/reality. And if you go through physics theories, you will also find a huge similarity and “coincidence” in the function and structure of the macrocosmos and the microcosmos with spirituality/mythology stories. Yes, quantum physics and cosmic physics had found out that the micro and the macro acts the same ways and come from the same origin. Dr. Brian Weiss uses a nice analogy about this, he uses ice cubes as an example: ice cubes when heated become water, water when heated become steam, even though it changes “forms” from more dense to less dense/subtler, it is still the same molecule, H2O. The ice can be easily seen, the steam not so much, but they have the same essence that never changes. Now, physicists are explaining things that spiritualists has been talking about for thousands years. *Huge Smiling Emoji*. By now we should all be aware there is no absolute truth in this world, there are many possibilities. However we do have some possibilities with more validations. Here are some examples of religions validating each other, and science validating them:

About different dimensions,

“In my father’s house there are many mansions. (Christian testament).”

“Greene admits that the original definition of the word universe meant everything . . . all there is. But over time, new ideas and theories have led to a redefinition to capture a much larger, wider canvas of parallel, multiple, and alternate universes that are all part of an infinite whole. . . . Universe then actually becomes megaverse, metaverse, multiverse. (Physicist Brian Greene paraphrased).”

About everything that exists coming from the same essence, the nothingness, the everything, God, love, energy, consciousness, zero point field…

“There is a thing, formless yet complete. Before heaven and earth it existed. We do not know its name, but we call it Tao. It is the mystery of the mysteries… the energy present everywhere that makes all form, matter, substance is called chi (Lao Tzu, Taoism).”

“Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come. The kingdom of God, Jesus replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21, Cristian testament).”

“Whoever sheds man’s blood by man his blood shall be shed, for in the image of God He made man.(Genesis 9:5-6).”

“One contains All. (Physicist David Bohm on Holomovement theory).”

These are just a few examples of science validating spirituality, and different religious’ testaments validating each other as well as science. There are many other examples in the book.

The understanding of the Grid also helps us to transcend the perceived reality by exploring the limitations of human’s physical/intellectual and our three dimensional plane. The human experience is limited to height, width, and depth- 3D. Due to this fact, we are trapped in a chronological sense of time and limited range of space. By now, we have also discovered that our five senses cannot capture reality fully. Quantum physics have shown us that everything in the world, including ourselves, is predominantly energy, and physical reality is dependent on a observer. Classic physics have shown us that there are many things our five senses cannot capture, such as Gama Rays and X Rays cannot be perceived by the human eyes, or infrasound and ultrasound that cannot be capture by the human ears. Psychologists have shown us that our intellectual/ conscious mind cannot perceive everything we experience, we do repress a lot of information. By accessing the unconscious mind we are able to access memories, creativity, and wisdom that are usually not available in our ordinary intellect. There is no need to freak out though, we do have alternatives to transcend our limitations. There many different methods and tools to access the repressed unconscious, to perceive energy and even transcend time and space to access other dimensions.

Do we have to be special or magicians to access that? Good news: no, we all can elevate our energy frequency to a point that we will not only feel more a sense of connection and contentment (which is actually pretty magical) but we can also perceive a more complete reality. Our brain and heart has a lot of magnetic power, and we do can refine our brain and heart waves frequency and be more connected and able to access our higher wisdom, repressed memories, and universal knowledge/information. By exploring ourselves and our abilities we are exploring all there is. By understanding ourselves we might understand life and reality itself. Some of the tools to connect with ourselves and elevate our energetic frequency are meditation, hypnosis, tai chi, yoga, chanting, praying, psychotherapy to access unconscious contents of the mind, walk into nature, drumming, among many many others. Find what fits with your lifestyle, practice daily, and you will find that place of transcendence of the ordinary existence. Do this for yourself and for the world. Self-exploration/observance/knowledge is very important in understanding the bigger picture. Reality comes from inside out, so it is from within that we have to begin to make a change, a difference, the work.


“To see reality is as simple as to see one’s face in a mirror. Only the mirror must be clear and true. A quiet mind, undistorted by desires and fears, free from ideas and opinions, clear on all the levels, is needed to reflect the reality. Be clear and quiet, alert and detached, all else will happen by itself.

—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That”

The grid is only a concept to help us understand what cannot be easily described in language, and is not perceptible in the ordinary reality. This book help us to remember the importance of continuing the work of questioning in order to understand our existence in general. Did you know that our heart’s magnetic field is so powerful and big that people can pick it up on it and be affected by it even before seeing us or talking to us? Yes, that explains a lot, right? Spirituality, science, religions, therapies, researches, all come together as tools for us to experience the Grid, reality, ourselves. So, now go do your work in refining your own energetic field. Search it, practice it, enjoy it, and share it with the world. Knowledge is useless if not shared, remember once more that we are all connected. Spread Some Magic! The more people find this awareness, the better our reality will become. We are the Grid and the Grid is us.


“The dance goes from realizing that you’re separate (which is the awakening) to then trying to find your back into the totality of which you are not only a part, but which you are.”

Ram Dass

Happy International Skeptics Day! Namaste 🙂

Holistic Therapies: Apometry


The western world has finally come into terms of adopting a holistic perspective on seeking health and quality of life. We slowly understand better the importance of healing the human being physically, psychologically, as well as energetically, and spiritually. As we grow towards the complete bonding of science and spirituality, new therapeutic treatments are being born. Lumni Therapy is one of them. It was created by Carmem Farage, an experienced Brazilian psychologist, who decided to blend the traditional psychology with spiritualism (detached from any religion) and the quantum physics theories and concepts. This new therapeutic approach has its framework built on techniques of Apometry, Past-life Regression therapy, and Psychoanalysis. Past-life Regression therapy, and Psychoanalysis have been at least heard about for most people. On the other hand, Apometry, which I intend to focus for now, might be a new term for many.

Apometry comes from the greek words, ‘apo’ which means beyond of or away from, and ‘metron’ which means measure. Although Apometry has no religious connotation, the technique Apometry is usually well known for those who follow the religious doctrine of Spiritism. In the Lumni therapeutic approach, it is used as a technique for treatment with no attachment to any religion. In this context, the term is better identified as Clinical Apometry. According to Carmem Farage, this is a technique that conduces the separation, dislocation of the mental and astral body from the physical body beyond time and space, through the usage of the concepts of quantum physics. This separation aims to facilitate the treatment of subtler bodies in which every being is composed of. This technique can be applied to anyone, no matter age, religion, beliefs, or physical health status. When using Apometry, the therapist is only a channel, or guidance through it, the patient is always completely conscious and actively in control throughout the whole process. Apometry brings cleanse, healing, and harmony in three different levels: identifying blockages, or obsessors, treating those, and balancing the main chakras.

The identification of energetic blockages or obsessors either in the body or around the body of the patient is usually seen in the first two steps of the Clinical Apometry. We use the name obsessors here in a way that there is some kind of energy influencing in the energetic balance of the patient that might be so strong that affects them emotionally, mentally, and physically. These obsessors could be a disembodied soul which has some kind of connection (could be either negative or positive, either way affects the patient negatively) with the patient, or just energies/forces built up by thoughts and emotions from either the patient and/or from other people towards them. Anyways, the obsessor’s interference is given attention and treated in the so-called base procedure and physical body cleanse, which are the two first steps of the technique. In both steps the patient is guided through a pulse of light cleanse, and here he/she might notice parts of the body with troubles in becoming bright and clean. If anything is seen as needing healing, we proceed to a deeper treatment.

In all steps of the Clinical Apometry there is an intelligence behind it, that is explained by the equation, ∑=KZ. K, kapa, represents the cosmic energy, in which behaves as a potent magnetic-energy vector and as the heaviest electric flow in Poynting’s equation. Z, zeta, is the energetic force that comes from our own physical bodies. As an important reminder, it is valid to point out that quantum physics has shown that we are mostly energy. Therefore, the combination of the vibrating forces of kapa and zeta results in a powerful energy force represented by ∑. The understanding of different vibration frequencies of energy and the different colors resulted from these vibration facilitates the understanding of how the light pulses work for the healing treatment of the patient. Thus, through this process the patient is protected, cleared, and healed while also might treat and heal obsessors. After this main treatment is done, then comes the importance of harmonizing the chakras in order to keep the flow of energy going.


Chakras are energy wheels in constant movement. They are channels that allow the energy, in which feeds and connects two of our bodies (physical and astral), to flow. Just as our breathing cycle that needs both inhalation and exhalation to be completed, the energy flow of the chakras also has an intelligence between internal and external energetic forces. If the chakras are blocked or with an imbalanced flow, the energy does not circulate properly and the body gets sick. Many chakras have been mapped out in the human body through contrast and tomography. Most people are very familiar with 7 of them. On the Clinical Apometry we work with the 8 main chakras. These are the basic/root, the splenic/navel, the solar plexus, the cardiac/heart, the throat, the frontal/third eye, the coronary/crown, and the coordinator. We treat each one of them with light pulses until is unlocked and balanced.

After the energy cleanse, and balancing the chakras, the patient is safe to proceed to the next step of the Clinical Apometry, which is the dislocation of the mental and astral body from the physical so there is no more space-time limitations for the full Lumni therapy treatment. I believe it seems clear the holism of this technique; it treats the patient in many levels. Also, it has been shown to be very efficient in bringing this holistic healing off the session to the patient’s life. I have been a patient myself and I can say that not only I felt lighter after a session but people around me would notice the difference as well. Even though there are still some resistances out there from many people about holistic therapies, this technique holds no bias and can be applied on anyone; skeptics or spiritualists. As a result, it opens the doors for many people to get more in touch with their wholeness.

Blowing Magic

Welcome to Spread Some Magic! 

     Doesn’t that a-ha moment of new understanding, of knowledge, feels like magic inside of our hearts and souls? Yes, that wonderful feeling when our mental body finally gets and remember what our soul have always known. I am here to give you that amazing feeling by sharing whatever have given me that, but firstly let me introduce myself.

     I am Débora Ribas, Brazilian, and 24 years old. I have always been an spiritualist, way before I even knew this term. My soul came out of the womb inside this body already thirsty for spiritual knowledge and connection. That thirst lead me to seek my own truth. Let me tell you upfront that this blog is not religion based. I do not follow any religion and yet I basically believe in all of them, as long as it preaches love. Anyways, by seeking my own beliefs I have found and experienced many amazing things. It was not too long ago that I actually started an itch for sharing the way I see the world [loads of magic, of course (:]. However, I am not here for a journal, but rather to show what came across me to help me to explain to other people my perspective on this beautiful craziness we live in. Yes, there are actually people out there that explains it all in a very palpable way to everybody with open minds and eyes.  Thus, I am here to spread the magic I have discovered little by little on my journey and to seek some more. I am a great believer that knowledge “is only real when shared.” And honestly, I am also here to take off some stuff out of my messy head. Organizing knowledge and ideas by sharing might be my way to go in keeping my sanity in check. So, thanks!

     Here are some of my passions: Psychology, Holistic Therapies, Spiritualism, Quantum Physics, Yoga, People, Nature, and Travel, so you know what I will be talking about. I know it seems very broad but I just love how much these are all connected. This blog will be about COMPLETENESS, CONNECTEDNESS. Because this is what makes me smile and my heart fire. Join me if you get it.

     Let’s spread some magic together, for ourselves and for the world. There is no one like me, neither no one like you. And yet, we still are one. Neither one and both is always a clever possibility. Isn’t that magical? Either you get it or not, thanks for visiting and go share your limitless love. 

Namaste ❤️


P.s.: I am mostly an enthusiast of all of the content I will post. However, I am also graduated in Psychology and am completing my masters in Professional Counseling. I am Reikian since 2010. Spiritualist since forever. I am about to get my Yoga Teacher Training done. And will soon be trained as a Past-life Regression Therapist by the master Brian Weiss.


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